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Surf Forecast PadangPadang, Bukit area, 

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Hello hello lovely people!

Well the last 2 weeks were full of emotions, good and bad, but in the end everything is getting better slowly but surely! Keep smiling :D

Are you ready for the weekend? Anything exciting planned? Surfing is looking good this weekend so I’m back with the forecast!


Low tide will be around 8AM on Saturday but more later for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, around noon! High tide will be around 5 to 6PM for all of these days! Which means the best time to surf is during the middle of the day and afternoon. Nice way to spend your day!

For the waves’ height and power will depend on which spot you decide to hit! Balangan should be nice for beginners, and advanced should go further South in the Bukit and go for Uluwatu or Padang Padang!


In regards to the recent events, I decided to take a closer look and appreciate my surroundings a bit more carefully as everything can disappear very quickly unfortunately… Bali is such a rich place when it comes to nature, everywhere you put your eyes on, you might see a beautiful flower, a radiant green tree, coconuts hanging ready to be cut, endless rice fields and so much more! Beauty is all around you if you open your eyes and watch.


I wish you a happy weekend and happy surfing hopefully!

See you in the surf!