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Surf Forecast PadangPadang, Bukit Area, Bali

Surf forecast of the 16 August!


Hello friends of One2 surf Bali !


Tomorrow it will be liberty day in Indonesia, 17th of August! A reason to not work and enjoy the day and celebrate along the Indonesians. It will be pretty busy at the beaches so make sure you go on time :)


For the surf, it will be still strong winds and also the water is a bit cold, won't hurt to wear a thicker rash shirt than normal. 


There is no big swell arriving soon, so all along the coast you can surf pretty waves. I think I will try Balangan or perhaps just an easy cruisy surf at inside Padang!


Enjoy and Santai Saja !!


Selamat hari raya 17 Augustus!


The One2Surf Team

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