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Surf Forecast PadangPadang, Bukit Area, Bali

Report  21th of April 2014


Hello friends of One2surf Bali!


The last days have been good for barrels’ surfers  on almost all the spots of the south west and south east (Uluwatu, Bingin, Dreamland, Balangan …)

However, it has been good days for beginners surfers too on the spots of Padang Right, even if yesterday the waves were inconsistent in set up and the wind made the sea a little bumpy.


For Today : (Uluwatu and Nusa Dua)

The high tide is at 1.30 PM the low tide is a at 8:00PM

We’re expecting a maximum of 7 feet (2,1m) waves at 1PM

The period is 15 seconds

The temperature of the air is 28°C and the water is around 29°C

The wind is Offshore (3mph) for the west (Uluwatu) and Onshore (3mph) for the east (Nusa Dua)

The forecast for the next days :


The swell will drop for the next few days (4-5 feet) and the period will be around 15s. Smaller  but still good surf on the paradise island. The best surf will be from 11:00 AM to 3:00PM


Advices :

Good spots for beginners : Padang Padang, and maybe try Bingin 

Experienced surfers : Uluwatu (The peak, racetrack …) definitely, Balangan was great lately.


Enjoy your days in the Bukit.

Don’t forget your sunscreen and to drink a lot of water !!


See you in the surf ! Bagus bagus !

Nico & The One2surf Team